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new york, ny 10009

Rachel Rossin

Ballast Projects

An Independent Curatorial Initiative by Adam G. Mignanelli

Rachel Rossin


slide-3 RACHEL ROSSIN (1987)

Born in West Palm Beach, FL

Lives in New York, New York


BFA Florida State University

Rachel Rossin’s work thematically grapples with metaphysical and spiritual themes. Her most recent solo show at the Arts-District CoRK presented by MOCA in Jacksonville, Florida: “Holy See” invited visitors to experience walking on 3,000 hollow eggs while traversing through a hologram comprised of translucent curtains. Creating this new series for Spring/Break out of her most recent show, Rossin includes her plaster and mixed-media sculptures titled “Waiting.” The  plaster hands are dissected and shattered to reveal brightly colored patterns adorned with symbolism yielding to inform the viewer’s inferences about time, owning power and heralding transcendence.


Rachel Rossin is a New York based artist, working in Brooklyn. She exhibited at last year’s Spring/Break, The Brucennial, The Bowery Basement Annex and Charles Bank Gallery.