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new york, ny 10009


Make Your Own Luck

School Nite OPENING, May 4TH,  6-11PM

SUMMER SCHOOL “WISH MEME”, May 8-12TH,  12-6PM Daily

The Old School, 233 Mott Street, New York City

Ballast Projects is pleased to present five painters approaching their introduction into the journeys and hopes in sharing their passion and gift of artistic thinking, storytelling, image making and purpose. Their works which are made with a community and global audience behind them governed by one another’s values and social structures helps their wishes become reality. With this comes risk, lending, trading and borrowing of tools and knowledge based wealth, mixed in with love, passion and purpose.

In order for the works and ideas to derive from ones self, dreams conjure in the mind of gifted talent. All attainable strength cannot stop this dream and purpose from the talent that knows it’s path. From there we grow from youth to adult with decrease in wonder, and faced with the issues of providing, but some prevail  with help from their fostering communities and begin the pathway to creating the objects of desire that in turn again builds the action for another cycle.


Artists Exhibited:

Samuel T. Adams   |   Devin Powers   |   JENNA RANSOM   |   IAN TOMS   |   RUSSELL TYLER