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PRESSURE: Spring Break Art Fair 2014

Putting yourself out there, hiding in plain sight, keeping to yourself and making a statement.

The current space for contemporary art has expanded far beyond the studio and gallery, creating new paths to success, fears, and vehicles of statement for artists to use or avoid. Making decisions of what is public and what is private for an artist is rarely easily answered, and young contemporary artists are hyper-aware of these issues and have developed into experts in this school of thinking.

From cellular feeds of miniature screens illuminating every snippet of life, the speed of visual stimuli and language communication beams from mind to mind, sending influence to all. Social media, the internet and global cellular coverage keeps exhibitions across the world close to anyone, and gives access into any studio who voluntarily shares these images.

The artist becomes their own media company, photographer advertising campaign and public relations agency all through making these vital choices of what is public and what stays private, while keeping with art market trends.

These are not all new issues that are solely based on new technology, but a school of thought and personal morals that steer the works and concepts for the creator.

Reaching from the thoughts and actions of the artist to the works themselves tells a story of what is built from materials and composition of the piece.