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new york, ny 10009

Trudy Benson

Ballast Projects

An Independent Curatorial Initiative by Adam G. Mignanelli

Trudy Benson



Trudy Benson was born in Richmond, VA, 1985. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Benson received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 2010.  She is represented by  Mike Weiss Gallery in New York. Virtual worlds can be found in Benson’s intuitively constructed compositions and the tension between forms and voids speak to her fascination with the cosmos. Benson’s fervor for the physical act of painting is readily evident in her mark-making; her viscous gestures evoke the onomatopoeic language of comic books taking shape as bold splunks!, shoops!, and splats! that emerge sculpturally from the surface of the canvas.

Postcard, 2012 Oil on panel 16 x 30 inches