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new york, ny 10009

Gordon Douglass Ball

Ballast Projects

An Independent Curatorial Initiative by Adam G. Mignanelli

Gordon Douglass Ball



Gordon Douglas (b. 1979, Montréal, Québec) began entering into skateboard comps in the mid 80’s, but his professional skateboarding career never took off. He spent he spent the mid 90’s roadying for his close friends GRADE, but quit life on the road to attend art school. In 1999 he enrolled into Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto with a scholarship from Oakville Galleries. Today, Gordon Douglas has a dozen group shows under his belt and 3 solo exhibitions. Early in 2012, Gordon Douglas released a self-published photography book and was archived by the AGO (Toronto, Canada), Musée D'Art Contemporain de Montréal (Montréal, Canada), and the MoMA (New York City, USA).

Crew Of One Banished Into Oblivion, 2012 C-print 24 x 36 inches