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Mutability a group exhibition at White Box Gallery curated by Adam G. Mignanelli. The Show ran from September 30th, 2012 through October 7th.

Artists Exhibited:

Charlotte Hallberg
Jane Moseley
Maia Ruth Lee
Talia Shulze

On view are new works by four of the top emerging young female contemporary artists in New York.

Mutability in a spiritual sense is preparing for seasonal changes through flexible communication and substantial adaptation within four star alignments, being restless and embracing change for new exploration.

These four young women are at the forefront of a new breed of contemporary artists that are shaping what our environments will become for newer generations. Through various social constructs, current painting styles and natural adaptation Hallberg, Moseley, Lee and Shulze are taking on a typically male-dominant world and reshaping how we engage and view painting and sculpture, being the seasonal change of what we expect.