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Paintings by Seth Adelsberger and Augustus Nazzaro

Transactions in contemporary art begin with the emotion and concept of the artist, and transgress to the initial composition, process and end with prescribing the viewer with the outcome. The viewer interprets the work and goes into the world with a new emotion, or vision of their surroundings. What is often less understood is artists talking to artists. Artists transacting ideas, processes, emotions and conflicting points of view, which in turn evolves the work their self-built community makes and inherently builds the work of each artist to transact to each other. This is the harmony of artists of different practices coming together to build a moment where their work builds its own conversation to each other...

Enter Augustus Nazzaro and Seth Adelsberger. Both artists working primarily in monochrome, both abstractly using paint, texture and process yet building opposite outward emotions. Both touch on moments of the abstract expressionism, Adelsberger with some works showing his exploration of action painting style, which at other points uses technology and pre-fabricated materials to build form. Nazzaro using geometric abstract form resembling architecture and Stellaesque line work. Opposites attract, and are sometimes not very opposite at all when giving something to one another.